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Meanwhile somewhere else at the Bali zoo a pangolin carries its baby in its enclosure. The pangolin baby was born on May 31.

Picture: AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati

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Amazonian royal flycatchers are typically drab-looking brown birds. During courtship, however, both sexes display a brightly colored crest that is normally hidden from view. It is rare among birds for both males (red) and females (yellow) to have such colorful markings.

Image credit: Andrew Snyder

Hey baby, wanna see my crest?

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Borzoi by Eric Leo Kogan, June 2014, on Flickr.


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Chambered nautilus (Nautilus pompilius)

The chambered nautilus, is the best-known species of nautilus. The shell, when cut away, reveals a lining of lustrous nacre and displays a nearly perfect equiangular spiral, although it is not a golden spiral. The shell exhibits countershading, being light on the bottom and dark on top. This is to help avoid predators, because when seen from above, it blends in with the darkness of the sea, and when seen from below, it blends in with the light coming from above. The species has about 90 tentacles with no suckers. The oldest fossils of the species are known from Early Pleistocene sediments deposited off the coast of Luzon in the Philippines. Its diet consists of small crustaceans, carrion and small fish. photo credits: montereybayaquairum, Ingrid Taylaraqua

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So uh… this is a thing.

Loving how many people are Rothfuss (or at least Kingkiller Chronicles) fans on Tumblr. I have lots of hope for the TV series, but be aware that Pat doesn’t have a huge hand in the making of it. He’s definitely given advice/direction, but he isn’t a huge contributor.

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Vanellus cayanus (by jquental)

*Pied Lapwing

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What a gorgeous species.  I love the starlike effect from those lighter reflective scales.

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Sometimes dealing with uneducated ignorant people makes me want to just fall off the planet.

It’s just downright SAD how many times I’ve asked someone who wants to surrender their pet to the rescue exactly what kind of animal they have and I get “I don’t know. It’s a lizard.” for an answer.

How can you not know what the hell kind of animal you OWN????

I was talking with a friend of a friend recently and we got on the subject of pets. I mentioned my corn snake and she was like “I have a snake too!” I asked her what kind and she said “I think it’s a red-tail boa”. I was like, “Oh, that’s really cool, but they get so big, I don’t know if I would want to own one”. She said “It’s not that bad, she’s about 7 years old and is only 5 feet long”… I don’t own a boa, but I KNOW they get a lot bigger than that and it doesn’t take 7 years for them to get big. I keep asking her to get me a photo ‘cause I’m pretty sure she has a ball python and someone told her once it was a boa.